Social Networking Market Study (2010-2014) by The Radicati Group released

The latest study by The Radicati Group, Inc., “Social Networking Market, 2010-2014,” offers an in-depth analysis of the worldwide market for Social Networking. The study divides the market into two segments: Enterprise Social Networking, deployed mainly by businesses, and Consumer Social Networking, deployed by both consumers and businesses.

The study provides extensive data regarding current installed base, market share by vendor, breakouts by region, business size, and four year forecasts.

The Social Networking market consists of communities of users that communicate, and share content with one another, based on shared interests, personal relationships, and/or common workplaces. Social Networking communities are seeing strong growth among consumers and enterprise users, across all regions and demographics.

The study includes a detailed analysis of some of the leading players in the Social Networking market, including: Atlassian, Facebook, IBM, Jive Software, LinkedIn, Microsoft, MySpace, Novell, Oracle, Socialtext, Telligent Systems, Tencent, Twitter, YouTube, and others. 

In 2010, worldwide Social Networking accounts will total over 2.1 billion. By year end 2014, we expect worldwide Social Networking accounts to grow to over 3.6 billion.

To order a copy of the study, or for additional information about our market research programs, please contact The Radicati Group at (650) 322-8059, or visit


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