Managing Change in BPO, PNMSoft Event, London 25th May

PNMsoft is organizing an event about Managing Change in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), 25th May 2010, Wembley Stadium, Microsoft Box.   The event will introduce PMO Directors, Managed Operations Directors, BPO managers, Project and Programme managers, BPO solutions Directors, BPO Finance Directors and other BPO team members to On-Demand Change Management -a new way of managing change in the organization. 
PNMsoft , a recent winner of the Gartner Cool Vendor Award for BPM and Microsoft Partner of the year 2009 finalist, will introduce the next generation of technologies to assist Systems Integrators and Project Management Offices, with easy to use powerful technology to aid change in an organization.  The event is built to help organizations understand how to improve client processes to be their greatest asset in contributing to revenue growth and customer satisfaction.   

The Seminar will discuss managing change requests– from customer requests through to budget management, resource allocation, SLA monitoring, Risk Management and exception handling 
   In addition, there will be a customer case study and overview of how On-Demand Change Management® has been deployed by a major BPO provider and  a Governmental office achieving return on investment in 3 months.  After the event there will be a guided tour of the stadium.   Full details on the event: 

Some of the events that can impact your organizations efficiency include: 

•   Manual change request processes that result in missed SLAs – resulting in penalties. 
•   Inconsistent processes to manage the relationship between the project team and the client – resulting in damaged reputation 
•   A lack of single-point of truth around PMO office infrastructure to support the ongoing changes to requirements and projects – resulting in more administration and less management days 
•   Long-term Contracts under risk due to customer dissatisfaction – resulting in no renewal 
•   Inconsistency around the governance of change – resulting in greater risks 


One response to “Managing Change in BPO, PNMSoft Event, London 25th May

  1. Just about any aspect of corporate function can be outsourced. It wasn’t until the late 80s when the outsourcing business came to be known as such. Prior to the period, the word often used is subcontracting. Airlines in the US and Europe have been doing it since the early pioneering days of commercial aviation. They have travel sales agents subcontracted to locals in the countries they fly to. The also have airport check-in and baggage handlers as well as aircraft cargo loaders and maintenance teams who are not from the airlines but are locals from airline ground handlers in the countries they operate. So, the outsourcing business is not new. It just got a new fancy name called business process outsourcing or BPO which makes every business process engaged in by a company, a potential activity for outsourcing.

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