Microsoft integrates Adxstudio xRM technologies into Dynamics CRM

Adxstudio Inc. has announced the inclusion of their xRM web portal technologies into the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Software Development Kit (SDK). The development software enables Dynamics CRM solution providers to integrate web-facing portal features with Microsoft’s customer relationship management tool. The new SDK includes an advanced web portal framework with web content management capabilities and a new LINQ-to-CRM provider which dramatically simplifies the effort required to develop CRM-connected applications using ASP.NET. 

“We’re excited that Microsoft has chosen Adxstudio xRM technology as the basis of their Dynamics CRM web portal development kit,” said Adxstudio President Doug Schneider. “We’ve been fortunate to introduce xRM to several Microsoft partners for integration into their Dynamics CRM solutions over the past year. Now the broader Dynamics CRM and .NET communities are positioned to benefit from the efficiencies realized when developing web applications using xRM.”

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Manager Reuben Krippner referenced the inclusion of Adxstudio xRM during presentations given at Convergence 2010, a conference of Dynamics CRM experts, partners and customers held in Atlanta Georgia in late April. Krippner also presented several new R2 Portal Accelerators for CRM built upon the xRM framework by Adxstudio developers.

In addition to the Dynamics CRM announcement, Adxstudio released a suite of advanced Dynamics CRM web portal extensions under the product brand Adxstudio xRM Portals. Built upon Adxstudio xRM technology, xRM Portals are fully compatible with the new Dynamics CRM SDK. The software suite includes web-based CRM extensions for multilingual web content management, conference and event management, surveys, polls, discussion forums, membership portals, customer e-service and e-commerce. Perfect for building enterprise-class, web-based CRM application solutions, xRM Portals offer flexibility in authentication methods, robust security and customer choice of deployment methods, be they on-premise, partner-hosted and CRM Online.

Adxstudio Vice-President of Technology Shan McArthur and his team worked closely to develop xRM Portals. “Every organization has external stakeholders, be they customers, partners, vendors, members, etc., who expect to interact over the web” said McArthur. “xRM Portals enables web-based interaction while instantly recording stakeholder activity and data into Dynamics CRM. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. The stakeholders appreciate better service and the organizations improve efficiencies, deriving further value from their CRM investment.”

xRM Portals are available for free trial and can be downloaded at

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Development Kit, including the new Adxstudio xRM web portal technologies, will be distributed by Microsoft as part of the May 2010 CRM Service Update.


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