Rescentris Announces iPad Client and Enhanced Mobile Options for Electronic Lab Notebook

Rescentris, Inc. today announced iPad and iPhone platform clients to extend mobile use of its award-winning CERF Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN). CERF is a scalable, cross-platform software solution that helps life sciences and other R&D organizations migrate away from paper-based recordkeeping to increase efficiency and collaboration.

Rescentris today also launched the CERF Early Technology Access Program for its global customer base. CERF is a hybrid Enterprise ELN and Content Management System (ECM) that is the first to offer a dedicated Apple iPad client application to support researchers on the go. Scientists and engineers are freed to take their lab notebooks and data with them as they work, accessing their information using the iPad’s elegant touch-based interface. Data are secured in 21CFR11-compliant servers hosted behind the firewall or in cloud-based SaaS systems.

The Early Access Program is now available for Gold Support customers to review upcoming features, including CERF 4, and partner in product evolution. Complementing the iPad and the robust flexible Java clients is a pure (zero-footprint) web client to deliver rich ELN and ECM experiences through web browsers. The AJAX technologies of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) interface enable users to create, edit, find, view, print, and digitally sign their lab data, documents, and records from most browsers, including mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone (in addition to native clients).

Integrated chemical substructure search and molecular visualization modules are available, as are secure cloud-based records archiving and preservation, controlled document management and SOP workflows, an offline ELN client, rules-based distributed data management, and ‘Print to CERF/Send to CERF’ functionality. Rescentris is extending its industry-leading use of RDF data and semantic web technologies with new lab inventory management, forms, and structured data management systems.

“Scientists are seeking mobility and flexibility solutions to better support the way they think and work today,” stated Rescentris president Jeff Spitzner. “The future of labs is not tied to desktop computers any more than to paper.”


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