Why do Greenfields launch the same way and ignore Social and Enterprise 2.0 ?

I’ve been involved in Greenfield launches before and now more than ever is the perfect chance to approach and embrace socio-collaborative concepts and enterprise 2.0 software with a blank canvas and yet the same paths and choices seem to be taken. While this may be a case of “safest option for launch” in general I have to put it down to the fact that the old guard CEO/ CIO/ COO are mostly involved in grabbing the top slots and implementing the tried and trusted methods and middle management they carry with them from post to post, with really only incremental changes and improvements from each company taken, nothing really revolutionary. Understandably the larger the launch the bigger the risk with taking on concepts that are really only maturing and yet the potential gains should far outweigh the perceived risks surely ?

A flexible enterprise ? – Check
An open and transparent culture ? – Check
An customer engagement model from the 21st century ? – Check
A collaborative internal resource model ? – Check
Software and hardware that promotes visibility and mobility ? – Check
Cloud infrastructure – Check

What’s not to like about it ?
Apart from the fact no-one will call you Sir and you won’t have an oak panelled office……

There are a number of Greenfields happening in the UK right now, some larger than others, but what a perfect example to take the bull by the horns and launch will a fully Enterprise 2.0 and Social-enabled organisation.

Who’s up for it ?


4 responses to “Why do Greenfields launch the same way and ignore Social and Enterprise 2.0 ?

  1. Why do SocialFielders assume that EVERY situation is a great launchpoint for Social and Enterprise 2.0 applications?Not every task needs a hammer…

  2. If cracking the nut of tradition and hierarchy requires a hammer Ray, I’ll use it every time in the name of innovation and progress 😉

  3. In some cases a plasma cutting torch will open that nut faster ! ! ! !Great Blog you’ve got here.

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