Salesforce and Fujitsu announce expansion of global partnership

Fujitsu and today announced that they are expanding their global partnership, establishing Fujitsu as one of’s global systems integrators.

Fujitsu’s proven success with customers located in the USA, Australia and the UK is accelerating globally. Strong market growth is now being seen in ASEAN countries and Japan. As a result of this market demand and the enhanced partnership with, Fujitsu will be making significant investments in strengthening its consulting and sales capability. Customers in all these countries can now benefit from this next step in the seven-year partnership between Fujitsu and which will ensure customers with global operations experience consistent services across all global locations.

“Moody’s Analytics worked with Fujitsu and to merge the sales activities of all of our business lines globally and integrate them in a way that improved the company’s business processes,” said Margaret Rienecker, Chief Administrative Officer of Moody’s Analytics. “Fujitsu helped us restructure our renewal, quotation, forecasting and order capture processes, which ultimately provided the internal support needed to bolster sales and service capabilities across the business.”

More than 200 customers around the world in the financial services, retail, healthcare and manufacturing sectors have already benefitted from Fujitsu’s in-depth experience in integrating Salesforce CRM and the platform with existing applications. The expanded partnership builds on this success, helping customers to modernize their application environment by improving business processes and consolidating customer information from multiple sources to one easily maintainable standard, eliminating redundant or manual processes.

By combining technologies and services that harness the strengths of both companies, Fujitsu and aim to help optimize the entire ICT systems of customers who are expanding their businesses worldwide or exploring ways to accelerate their management processes while reducing costs.

“Demand has increased significantly amongst our clients for cloud computing solutions that minimize upfront deployment costs, eliminate the need for clients to maintain their own hardware and software, and provide businesses with cost-effective scalability and flexibility. As a global systems integrator for, we can leverage our experience of providing the industry’s most consistent and reliable service to develop new solutions that let our joint clients take advantage of the efficiencies of the cloud and then roll these solutions out on a global scale. This partnership is an important building block in the realisation of our global cloud strategy which we announced last month. Having launched the deployment of our global infrastructure as a service offering for what we have termed Mode 1 – infrastructure consumption – this is an important step in enhancing our global capabilities for Mode 2 – application consumption.” Richard Christou, Corporate Senior Executive Vice President, Fujitsu Limited.

“Fujitsu is a proven partner that understands the modern needs of companies seeking to realize the benefits of enterprise cloud computing. As one of our global system integrator partners, we look to Fujitsu to help customers enhance their success with enterprise cloud computing. Fujitsu’s tremendous focus on customer success, combined with its industry expertise, is helping drive greater adoption of cloud computing around the world.” George Hu, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Alliances,


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