StayinFront Announces all new version of flagship solution, StayinFront CRM 12

StayinFront, Inc., a leading global provider of CRM and decision support solutions, announced today an all new version of its flagship product, StayinFront CRM 12.

StayinFront CRM 12 brings customer relationship management to a new level, boasting features aimed at increasing CRM efficiency for sales reps and managers, both in the office and in the field. Complete with powerful analytics built into the system, StayinFront CRM 12 is designed to perform seamlessly and effortlessly.

“StayinFront CRM 12 helps field reps increase sales success while giving managers a much better view of the sales team’s activities and progress,” said Kerrie-Anne Turner, Vice President APAC and Managing Director Australia of StayinFront. “With CRM 12, users can have a rich source of customer data available to them at any time. They also have an intuitive system enabling them to gain meaningful insights that can be used for planning future sales strategies.”

Configurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are an important management tool, enabling users to have full tracking and history available system-wide so that trends can be analysed quickly. KPIs are displayed using colorful graphic visualisations, showing measurements including sales and revenue goals, service and satisfaction. KPIs can even trigger both automatic and manual tasks when linked to workflow.

“StayinFront CRM 12 is the first CRM system to incorporate a KPI engine,” Turner said. “A user can define KPIs and action trends and results as well as decide how and where KPIs are displayed. KPIs can be incorporated into virtually any report or view in the system, giving everyone in the organisation a clear picture of what’s important.”

The new Keyword Search feature in CRM 12 is closely integrated with Windows® Search, allowing users to search across CRM data, emails and documents in a single search. StayinFront CRM 12 is also ready to integrate with Enterprise Search platforms.

Individuals and teams benefit from CRM 12 since it is specifically designed to improve a sales team’s ability to collaborate, communicate and share vital information. CRM 12 makes it easy for Windows and Microsoft Office users to use the CRM system effectively. From within the Windows desktop, users can drag and drop documents to and from the CRM system, allowing documents to be shared among team members and thus enabling the sales force to become better informed.

Another key feature of StayinFront CRM 12 is the seamless integration between Microsoft Outlook® and StayinFront CRM, enabling appointments in CRM 12 and Outlook available as “one view”, making it easy to co-ordinate meetings and schedules. CRM 12 integrates with Microsoft Outlook to allow users to engage with the CRM system while performing day-to-day tasks, such as reviewing incoming email with greater user efficiency.

“StayinFront CRM 12 gives sales reps and managers the tools they need to help solve business challenges, improve sales effectiveness and increase productivity,” said Turner. “The flexibility to configure elements within CRM 12 makes it completely adaptable to the way teams and individuals want to work.”


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