Moves to Cloud Computing Infrastructure

In a major development, the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board announced today that has moved to a cloud computing infrastructure, a technology that will allow for more efficient computer operations, improved security and reduced costs.

This historic achievement was accomplished late last month after the Board’s prime contractor, Smartronix, Inc., selected’s EC2 commercial cloud service offering. now becomes the first government-wide system to move to the cloud.

Expected benefits include:

  • Cost savings. The Board expects savings of about $750,000 during its current budget cycle and significantly more savings, long-term.
  • Freeing up resources. The Board’s staff will be able to focus more intently on its core mission of delivering rich content for users without worrying about managing the website’s underlying data center and related computer equipment.
  • Enhanced security. The improved computer security includes, but is not limited to, greater protection against network attacks and real time detection of system tampering. In essence, Amazon’s computer security platform has been added to the Board’s own security system, which the Board’s staff will continue to maintain and operate.
  • Improved accountability mission. The Board will have the opportunity to redirect more than $1 million in computer hardware and software to its sophisticated oversight operations, a move that will help identify fraud, waste and abuse in the Recovery program.

“Cloud computing strikes me as a perfect tool to help achieve greater transparency and accountability,” said Earl E. Devaney, the Board’s Chairman. “Moving to the cloud allows us to provide better service at lower costs. I hope this development will inspire other government entities to accelerate their own efforts. The American taxpayers would be the winners.”


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