Sword Ciboodle Identifies the Customer Engagement Continuum, unveils 3 new modules to respond to demand

Sword Ciboodle, a provider of customer oriented business software and services, today announced three new product modules in response to a new marketplace trend the Company has branded, the Customer Engagement Continuum. The Customer Engagement Continuum promotes customer choice, which Sword Ciboodle is empowering organizations to provide in the form of a comprehensive bundle of module software that enables their customers to do business on their terms.

Customers have become more mobile, judicious with time, demanding of simplicity, and less tolerant with business-driven organizational procedures and policies.  In response to this new behavior, and the changing role of the contact center as well as buying behavior of the market, Sword Ciboodle has created three solutions designed to offer a greater range of choice. 

The new modules focus on the engagement channels that matter most: contact center and self-service. Ultimately, as this module set grows over time, the Sword Ciboodle proposition will enable organizations to holistically embrace new consumer behavior and manage all facets of various customer interactions for a better overall customer experience. 

“It’s all about customer choice.” said Paul White, CEO of Sword Ciboodle Americas.  “Whether the customer wants to interact over the phone, internet or in person, we have tapered the process and made the experience rewarding. Good service is complex and we bullet-tested these modules to ensure all issues can be handled and resolved quickly, with the goal of goodwill and loyalty as a by-product.”

Utilizing over 20 years of experience developing effective contact center technology solutions, Sword Ciboodle, and their team of CRM experts, created modules to meet the demands of the changing customer engagement continuum: 

    Ciboodle One – Sword Ciboodle’s One is a web based intelligent desktop that can be fully integrated into back end systems. A console for interacting with customers for contact centre agents and a window into the customer for back office experts,  it provides a 360-degree view of customers, their preferences, their interactions and their products designed to empowers agent, reduces operating cost and improve the entire customer experience. 

    Ciboodle Flow – Sword Ciboodle’s Flow manages end to end customer requests across people, process and time, whether it entails: service requests, correspondence handling, complaints management, dispute resolution, help desk issues, fault reporting and resolution.   Documents, previous call notes, scanned images / diagrams, transcripts and other relevant sources are able to be referenced with a click of a mouse to resolve or inform.

    Ciboodle Live –Sword Ciboodle’s Live offers self-service capabilities to users for a “do it yourself” experience. Ciboodle Live addresses this mindset through a cohesive set of web offerings, which entail such self-service portals as online chat, web forms and click to call. With these options at their fingertips, customers will achieve their goals quickly, leading organizations to reduce cost to serve and improving the overall customer experience.  

    But it doesn’t stop there, White confirms that the company has development underway to launch more modules, “The Customer Engagement Continuum embraces every angle, every dialogue, every service interaction and every channel,” added White.  “We want to be the customer’s channel for them to get what they need from the company that they choose to give their business to.  We are developing a series of additional modules utilizing preferred communication methods which will allow our customers to provide a truly rounded customer engagement strategy.” 

     “For a CRM company to be smart about business, it must listen to actual users, take their input and build the program around their needs and quirks,” said Paul Greenberg, President of The 56 Group, LLC. “Sword Ciboodle’s approach is a refreshing one because it’s built around the jobs that people actually do in the real world, as opposed to features and functions they hope that people would want.”


    Part of the global Sword Group, Sword Ciboodle delivers award-winning, process-managed CRM software services to contact centres worldwide. With staff located across 3 continents, the company’s customer service software helps clients achieve higher revenues from their customers and reduce operational costs through a cross-channel single intelligent desktop , web based self-service which combines case management software, , and more.

    Sword Ciboodle is consistently recognised by industry analysts as one of the world’s leading customer-centric technology providers. Clients include Sony, Admiral, Vodafone, Sears, BGL Group, Standard Bank and Eskom.

    Sword Ciboodle has been featured in the prestigious Gartner Magic Quadrant, CRM Customer Service Contact Centers, for five consecutive years.

    For more information, please visit http://www.sword-ciboodle.com.


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