BMC Software Exceeds $100 Million in “Cloud Foundation” Deals

BMC Software today announced that it has passed the $100 million mark in highly strategic “cloud foundation” deals where virtualization and computing management capabilities were the key element in the customer’s final selection.

More and more customers are seeking to unify the management of their physical, virtual, cloud, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) initiatives. Customers typically define the “foundation” for successful cloud computing as the implementation of tightly integrated service management and datacenter automation solutions, the clear prerequisites for subsequent cloud services implementations. BMC has seen a steady strengthening pattern of significant wins in cloud management platform deals.

“Unlike other software companies who see cloud computing as a future ‘revenue catalyst,’ we are seeing the dramatic acceleration of an already successful business driver,” said Kia Behnia, BMC’s chief technology officer.

“I’ve seen a lot of different trends in the IT space that promised to be revenue catalysts,” said John McMahon, BMC’s senior vice president for worldwide sales and services. “None of these trends has ever approached the impact that I’m seeing from cloud computing. Customers understand that a unified management platform is foundational to the successful deployment of virtualization, cloud and SaaS. They are making the appropriate investments now to ensure that they can reap all the value that cloud promises to deliver. A lot of them are choosing BMC.”

In the past year, BMC has won 25 large proof-of-concept and technical design shoot-outs for virtualization and cloud management at some of the largest enterprises in the world. BMC also has been selected by five of the top 20 telecom companies as their standard platform for virtualization and cloud management, a very positive trend. In the last two quarters, two of the top five systems integrators and one of the top three global software companies have standardized on BMC, resulting in full competitive replacements. All of these instances represent multi-million-dollar deals.

During the past two years, the demand for BMC’s hybrid datacenter management solutions has steadily escalated among enterprise companies eager to leverage the power of physical, virtual, SaaS and cloud infrastructure.

For more information on BMC’s perspective on cloud computing, visit


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