Casewise Announces Corporate Navigator – A New Business Application for the Apple iPad

Casewise Systems today announced that they would be previewing their new Corporate Navigator application at two leading events in May 2010.

Targeted at the mobile professional, Corporate Navigator provides both online and offline access to key business information, and can be thought of as a navigation or GPS system for business. The application enables easier consumption of and collaboration on business processes knowledge, within and across organizations.

According to ABI Research, the ultra mobile device market is set to grow to $27B by 2013; whilst Gartner Research predict that the touch screen mobile device market is set to grow 97% in 2010. Much of the mobile device focus of late has been around the Apple iPad which has seen over 1million units sold in just 28 days since its launch on 3rd April 2010. The iPad though will soon be joined by competitive offerings from HP, Dell, and Toshiba with other major hardware players expected to launch their own iPad rivals later this year. It has been suggested that by 2014 over 50 million mobile tablet units will be in use, many becoming standard issue for business.

With a global customer base, Casewise solutions are used by many of the world’s leading organizations to discover, design and deploy business processes. Corporate Navigator now enables users with an even easier way to share information between colleagues who require access. A key differentiator of Corporate Navigator is that the application is focused on providing all front line staff with access to process and procedure information when they most need it. All too often modeling solutions are aimed purely at analysts alone and the wider audience who consume the process information is ignored. In addition, Corporate Navigator makes it easier for organizations to manage and understand the implications of change, while providing process owners and managers with deeper insight.

Alexandre Wentzo, Casewise COO commented “We see that the use of Business Navigation Systems will prove crucial as organizations seek to find better ways to provide timely knowledge to their staff, respond more effectively to business risks and better understand the impact of change within their environment. As a vendor, it is up to us to spot these trends early on and demonstrate leadership in order to better support our customer’s needs.”

While the initial demonstrations of Corporate Navigator will leverage the power and functionality of the new Apple iPad, the company is also readying solutions for Windows Mobile, Android and Blackberry devices. The iPad has been initially targeted by Casewise as research conducted has indicated that it will increasingly be used as a tool for business.

The Casewise development team is working on a number of innovative uses for mobile devices in the modeling arena. John Ridley, CTO states “The explosion in interest around mobile devices has caught many vendors in our segment by surprise; my own team has been working very hard to deliver rich experiences for our customers exploiting this technology platform. We truly believe that providing our leading modeling capabilities for the mobile workforce is a critical development strategy given the way customers tell us they are looking to operate and manage their businesses in the future.”

To see a preview of the application in action at either the Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit or Management World Nice 2010, please contact paul(dot)lewis(at)casewise(dot)com (United Kingdom) or elodie(dot)laucher(at)casewise(dot)com (France) to arrange an appointment.


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