CA Technologies Unveils Cloud Management Strategy At CA World 2010

CA Technologies today outlined an ambitious strategy for enabling customers to leverage the business value of cloud computing as part of their broader enterprise IT environments–unveiling a robust CA Cloud-Connected Management Suite that will address the emerging challenges presented by the cloud.

CA Technologies’ vision for the effective management of cloud computing focuses on the “IT supply chain”–the increasingly dynamic combination of external and internal resources that IT organizations are using to deliver critical applications and services to business users and their end-user customers. By managing and securing these resources in a common manner, IT can more adaptively respond to changing business needs, drive down costs and achieve increased value from their overall technology spending.

“Historically, IT relied almost exclusively on internal resources and infrastructure to meet the needs of the enterprise,” said Chris O’Malley, executive vice president of the Cloud Products & Solutions Business Line at CA Technologies, during a speech today at CA World 2010. “As companies embrace cloud computing, however, they increasingly partner with whichever external providers can best help them meet their changing requirements. This means an organization’s ability to gain competitive advantages from technology will be contingent upon their ability to continuously optimize their IT supply chains.”

The CA Cloud-Connected Management Suite will enable customers to meet this emerging challenge with four key products:

CA Cloud Insight will leverage a standardized Service Measurement Index that is expected to provide customers with a common and practical way of assessing internal and external IT services relative to business priorities. By integrating with the new Cloud Commons community, the information provided by CA Cloud Insight provides situational awareness enabling customers to explore new possibilities and make fact-based decisions about which cloud resources best meet their needs at any given time.

CA Cloud Compose will provide a comprehensive solution for creating a compute cloud from commodity hardware, visually constructing and deploying composite services into the cloud, and managing the deployed services. Using an extensible catalog of reusable software components, CA Cloud Compose customers will be able to leverage cloud computing capabilities to increase their quality of service while simultaneously reducing cost and time to market for new solutions. By providing both the cloud infrastructure and the service creation and deployment capabilities in one product, CA Cloud Compose will uniquely provide integrated high availability, metering, operations monitoring and management capabilities to help customers rapidly achieve their goals with cloud computing.

CA Cloud Optimize will leverage Service Measurement Index concepts and information that is expected to be held in the Cloud Commons community to help customers make optimal use of the external and internal infrastructure and services available to them. Customers will be able to actively lower their operating costs and be much more agile in aligning with business requirements for capacity, performance and other service parameters. This will give cloud-connected customers the ability to be more proactive about getting increasing business value out of their IT budgets.

CA Cloud Orchestrate will provide workflow control and policy-based automation of changes to service infrastructures based on inputs from CA Cloud Insight, CA Cloud Compose, CA Cloud Optimize and content downloads expected to be available from Cloud Commons. Customers can then more quickly adapt their cloud-connected environments to pursue incremental advantages while helping to avoid increased cost of IT operations or disruption of the business.

The new solutions will build upon technology recently acquired from 3Tera, Oblicore and Cassatt–along with CA Technologies’ own extensive cloud management development efforts.

The CA Cloud-Connected Management Suite complements CA Technologies’ broader portfolio of industry-leading IT management solutions around security, service assurance, virtualization management, and other key areas.

This broad solution set uniquely positions CA Technologies as the partner capable of supporting IT organizations in their efforts to effectively and efficiently manage, secure and govern enterprise environments that span multiple generations of technology from the mainframe to the cloud.

O’Malley also announced CA Technologies’ plan to use a cloud-based model to deliver more of its industry-leading IT management solutions as a service–so that IT organizations can reap the same benefits of reduced cost, increased flexibility and rapid time-to-benefit that the cloud is already starting to deliver to businesses. During his presentation, O’Malley demonstrated Nimsoft On Demand as an example of these efforts.

O’Malley also announced that CA Technologies has designed an On Demand Self Service Portal, scheduled to be available this summer, which will enable customers to easily buy, provision and administer CA Technologies IT management solutions as a service through a common modern interface.

“CA Technologies is pioneering the delivery of IT management solutions under a SaaS model that enables customers to quickly shop for, acquire and deploy the tools they need to support their increasingly complex, dynamic and virtualized supply chains,” said O’Malley. “This will make it much easier for IT organizations to take advantage of innovative management solutions as they become available, while also helping to drive down their overall cost of technology ownership.”

CA Technologies customers applauded the company’s vision and the CA Cloud-Connected Management Suite.

“CA Technologies’ vision for cloud management aligns well with the challenges and opportunities we’ve already encountered as a cloud provider,” said Jack Finlayson, chairman and CEO of Layered Technologies, Inc. “The technologies that comprise the CA Cloud-Connected Management Suite should prove valuable to us as we seek to reliably and profitably meet the diverse, highly fluid infrastructure and application provisioning needs of our customers.”

“Our business objectives include more rapid adaptability to changing market conditions, reduced TCO, and mitigation of the risk associated with a complex and ever-growing website,” said Chuck Gorder, CTO, “CA Technologies clearly understands these objectives and has demonstrated a strong commitment to providing us with the cloud management solutions we need to achieve them.”


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