SAS in Leaders quadrant for Magic Quadrant for CRM Multichannel Campaign Management

SAS announced today it has been placed in the Leaders quadrant in Gartner Inc.’s latest report, “Magic Quadrant for CRM Multichannel Campaign Management”.

This places SAS among the vendors Gartner says “consistently do considerably better in overall campaign management performance for basic and advanced campaign management, as well as for integration with e-marketing. Leaders have high market visibility, high market penetration, strong market momentum and a strategic vision for growing the campaign management business.”

“We believe SAS’ position in the Leader’s quadrant for multichannel campaign management reflects our continued commitment to delivering capabilities that matter to organizations as they seek to build strong, lasting and profitable relationships with their customers,” said Larry Mosiman, SAS’ Product Marketing Manager for Customer Intelligence.

AEGON Direct Marketing Services, Inc., (ADMS) a leading direct marketer of life and supplemental health insurance, is using SAS to improve its outbound marketing programs.

“With SAS Marketing Optimization, ADMS leverages powerful, predictive analytics to tailor marketing campaigns for enhanced performance,” said Angela Williams, Director of ADMS Marketing Science. “Using this tool, we can determine the right product, for the right customer, at the right time, which enhances the overall customer experience, improves customer satisfaction, and boosts ADMS’ organizational efficiency and marketing effectiveness.”

SAS continues to innovate and expand its customer intelligence (CI) offerings. In the last two months, SAS added two new products to its CI family:

— SAS Social Media Analytics, the first enterprise solution designed to meet the needs of marketers in medium and large companies by helping them understand, predict and act based on social media data. With the ability to archive and analyze more than two years of social media conversations from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, discussion forums, blogs and more, SAS’ new on-demand software shows marketers how people feel about their products or brands, who is influencing them, and how social media conversations affect business results. They can immediately apply answers to brand strategies, media placement, public relations and customer care activities.

— SAS Customer Link Analytics combines award-winning SAS analytics (including social network analysis technology), visualization, dashboards and reports, to enable marketers to leverage previously unknown connections between leaders, followers, and others in social communities for uses including improved campaign targeting and response attribution.

SAS Customer Intelligence is the most comprehensive suite of integrated enterprise marketing solutions available on the market today. Solutions include SAS Customer Experience Analytics, SAS Digital Marketing, SAS Marketing Automation, SAS Marketing Optimization, and SAS Real-Time Decision Manager.


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