IGLOO Software Enhances Team Collaboration with Release of Group Spaces

IGLOO Software (www.igloosoftware.com), a leading provider of online community and social softeare solutions for business, today announced the release of integrated Group Space functionality for team collaboration. Group Spaces allow employees to instantly self-organize around specific projects, teams and even departments within their online business community. With the addition of Group Spaces, community members can now seamlessly move between group and corporate driven conversations, content and collaborations – quickly and easily.

“It’s an accepted maxim that working in teams makes us more creative and productive – that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” said Dan Latendre, CEO of IGLOO. “Our new Group Space functionality gives our community members the ability to quickly form groups and begin sharing experiences, resources and intelligence almost automatically.”

The new release enables the creation of sub-communities within a community by introducing these team collaboration features:

  • Customization: configure and brand the space to align with the purpose and function of the team (ex. boardroom, department or project space).
  • Applications: enable only the social applications that are needed – blogs, calendars, documents & folders, forum discussions, galleries and wiki pages.
  • Permissions: create public or private Group Spaces, as well as control which members have access to the space, following the same permission model as the rest of the community.
  • Activity Streams: set up a group space pulse or daily digest which keeps members up to date on the most recent contributions (ex. blog articles, document uploads or online discussions).
  • Navigation: customize each Group Spaces’ navigation depending on which applications are most important to the members.

“The value of self-organizing into Group Spaces increases as the community grows,” remarked Stephanie Sawyer, Product Manager for IGLOO Software. “Now, users can better manage the information flow and increase the relevancy of activity streams by easily creating a secure, dedicated team space.”

Client Quotes

“When we partnered with the Drug Information Assoc. and embarked on a journey to build a private social network for collaboration, there were over 100 platform vendors under consideration,” said Cathy Ingham, Technology Manager at LiquidHub, But IGLOO’s social software suite stood out, and the seamless integration of Group Spaces is a key reason for that. It meets DIA’s needs perfectly, and is as well designed and as easy to use as all of their software.”


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