ProcessMaker 1.6 CE BPM Suite Released: FastFind Intuitive Inbox Technology Simplifies UX

Colosa, Inc., the leading provider of BPM and Workflow software, has released a major new version of its ProcessMaker Community Edition. An improved user inbox experience now enables users to process incoming tasks more quickly, organize tasks better, and access new powerful search functionality. ProcessMaker Community Edition 1.6 underlines Colosa’s continued R&D investment to develop and deliver the most comprehensive, flexible and economical business process management (BPM) solution on the market today.

ProcessMaker Community Edition is a simple-to-install and easy-to-use web based application that helps organizations manage business processes and control information flow more efficiently. The software allows organizations to take existing approval based processes that are currently being managed by paper, email, fax or older generation software, and easily convert them into web-based processes that can be run through a simple, user friendly, Web 2.0 interface. Because the Community Edition is open source, organizations can also benefit from a lower total cost of ownership by reusing existing hardware, software, systems and skills.

“We have just raised the bar to a whole new level in the BPM world,” said Brian Reale, CEO of Colosa. “Governments, telecommunication providers, banks, hospitals, schools, and many other types of organizations are running their approval-based processes on ProcessMaker. There is just no reason to pay high fees for complex, bloated, proprietary BPM software when an open source SaaS solution as powerful as ProcessMaker exists.”

Other new features in the Version 1.6 include:

  • Table based DynaForms – create DynaForms based on variables generated in independent tables
  • Faster Approval via Email – approve cases directly through email client software without requiring users to log into the ProcessMaker system
  • Case Scheduler – initiate workflows automatically based on specific dates or a recurring schedule
  • Custom Calendaring – add a custom calendar to specify work schedules
  • Trigger Wizard with Pre-Built Connectors – connect to ProcessMaker functions and other third-party applications with a ’zero-code’ Trigger builder
  • Self Service Assignment – assign tasks more easily to groups and let individuals claim their own cases to work on


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