Knexus #Social Video Widget Lets Businesses ‘Go Social’ With Video Content

Knexus today announced Knexus Social Video Widget, the revolutionary new social commerce tool with integrated rich media content and social interactions. The Widget can be flexibly deployed to social-enable any existing site, incorporates Facebook and Twitter feeds and has optional collective intelligence technology to generate video on the basis of ‘wisdom of the crowd’. Businesses can use Knexus Social video Widget to boost user confidence to purchase and increase conversion rates.

Sam Khan, Knexus Product Manager said, “Performance data shows a clear correlation between the deployment of video content and improved conversion rates, and now we see that providing visitors with a social experience can further improve that performance. A key for businesses to succeed is understanding how to integrate this social experience with content into the shopping experience, in order to enhances a visitor’s confidence to purchase.”

“With our innovative Social Video Widget, companies can enhance visitor engagement and deliver a clear ROI through increased sales,” Sam continued.

Key features available in the Widget including:

* Powerful video player, delivering interactive how-to-do, celebrity, thought leader type content
* Integrated, content focused community interactions – ask questions, share opinions, collaborate
* Content delivered according to visitor profile using collective intelligence technology
* Seamless user experience across video content & interactions
* Deployed to social-enable any existing site such as brand site, partner, Facebook
* In-built links to social networking destinations like Twitter and Facebook
* Customizable calls to action e.g. Buy Now
* Secure, user friendly admin panel to manage content, moderate and measure
* Powerful user and content metrics
* Cloud hosted for quick, simple deployment, maintenance and scaling

Knexus Social Video Widget is currently available globally for deployment. Those interested to find out more can visit or call Knexus representatives at +1 (646) 401 0147 (New York); +44 (0) 845 838 5316 (London).