BroadVision Gives Businesses a “Place of Their Own” on the Socially Networked Web #social

BroadVision, a pioneer in e-business and enterprise social networking solutions, announced today the global launch of Clearvale (, the world’s first “networks of networks” for the social enterprise. In beta for the past 10 months, Clearvale provides businesses with the rules, tools, and infrastructure to instantly create high-performance enterprise social networks, while creating a more meaningful presence on the open, social Web. More than 4,000 organizations around the globe are already conducting business in Clearvale — engaging with staff, partners, and customers in an open, navigable Web-based environment.

Reimagining Business on the Open, Social Web

The Clearvale(TM) platform enables organizations to go well beyond the status quo in enterprise social networking and use the platform to reimagine their businesses on the Web. In one of the most innovative use cases in enterprise social networking to date, SoftBank Telecom Corp. — one of the largest Information Communication Technology (ICT) companies in Japan and exclusive carrier for the Apple iPhone in the country — will be leveraging Clearvale for the delivery of cloud-based services via mobile devices.

“BroadVision has an extraordinary vision for enterprise social networking, and they have designed a platform that matches that vision,” said Ken Miyauchi, Senior Executive Vice President & COO of SoftBank Telecom Corp. “A scalable, cloud-based platform like Clearvale that can be leveraged to connect and collaborate anyone, anywhere, via any screen (device) will help SoftBank move into a unique position of leadership in the 21st century enterprise networking market.”

Other organizations that have already begun to create a presence in Clearvale include Aeroxchange (U.S.), Exempla Healthcare (U.S.), Synaptics (U.S.), Texas State/Parks & Wildlife Division (U.S.), Avant-Grade Technologies (Singapore), Hong Kong Baptist Hospital (Hong Kong), Centro Nazionale Trapianti (Italy), Gemeente Tilburg (the Netherlands), and BSkyB (United Kingdom).

Businesses Want a “Place of their Own”

For BroadVision — a company that helped define e-business in the early days of the Internet — the formal introduction of Clearvale marks a historic turning point.

“We were among the first technology companies to help the enterprise understand how to do business on the Web, and we feel poised to do it again — but this time for the enterprise 2.0 era,” said Dr. Pehong Chen, founder and CEO of BroadVision. “Over the past year, our vision for the enterprise 2.0 market has been tested, vetted and refined by both our ‘legacy’ customers and prospects. Organizations around the world are interested in accelerating business through the power of social networks — there is little doubt about that. But they want to do it in a way that is easy, scalable, and makes enterprise sense. Most importantly, they want to do it in an environment that’s open and navigable, so they can discover and engage other companies on the social Web.”

“On the Web, we’ve recently evolved from a site-centric world to a network-centric world,” said Giovanni Rodriguez, Chief Marketing Officer at BroadVision. “For anyone doing anything on the Web, it’s no longer just about having a site. It’s a about having a place where you can meet and do things with your peers. Consumers have Facebook, but businesses want a place of their own — a network of networks that better meets business objectives. We’ve architected Clearvale to meet the most strategic needs of our business customers, many of which need to continue engaging in the consumer Web, but recognize the need for a different place to do the things that define business — to engage, collaborate, and sell more effectively.”

The result of two years of development and collaboration with enterprise customers, the Clearvale product-and-service suite is designed to address the following enterprise needs:

–A Place of One’s Own in a Scalable, Navigable Online World — With Clearvale Ecosystems, businesses can easily navigate from network to network throughout their entire business world. This adds great value to certain use cases — for example, customer support and “social CRM,” where the ability to move in and out of public and private networks is critical.

–“Do it Yourself” — Creating a network in Clearvale is easy, and the environment is architected to enable anyone to create ad hoc intranets, extranets, and public-facing Web sites.

–Enterprise Sense — With more than 17 years of experience serving the enterprise software market, BroadVision has designed Clearvale to map and adapt to business processes and policies (privacy, security).

–Social Sensibility — Tapping the best thinkers and practitioners in enterprise 2.0 and business consulting, BroadVision will soon launch a community of consultants to help businesses design and execute larger initiatives.

–Templated Networks — Businesses can reduce the time to market by “cloning” pre-designed networks. Soon they will have the ability to “click-and-buy” pre-packaged, customizable networks in the app store.

–Social Marketplace — BroadVision has architected Clearvale so that businesses can connect with others outside their own ecosystems. As more businesses begin to populate Clearvale, BroadVision will begin introducing solutions for “in-world” social commerce.

–The Clearvale “platform as a service” — In the Fall of 2010, BroadVision will launch a developer community as well as the first “app store” for enterprise social networking, providing businesses with the broadest range of tools for collaboration. In addition, BroadVision will soon be opening the Clearvale API so that businesses can build and deliver new services over the Clearvale platform.