Questetra to launch new version of #BPM Suite

Questetra will be launching the newest version of its BPM software, Questetra BPM Suite, on June 16. Simultaneously, it will offer free licensing to a wider audience, aiming to support partner companies as well as global sales.

“Truly understanding BPM requires hands-on learning, by starting small within a real workplace. I have been waiting for a Japanese company to offer an easily accessible SaaS BPM, and wholeheartedly welcome the new licensing system of Questetra’s application, which we use in our workshops.”

The application’s new features allow incorporation of spreadsheets (e.g. Microsoft Excel) in order to help promote paperless offices. Furthermore, free licensing, formerly only available with the download edition, will now come with the cloud computing “Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition” as well. With limitations to the number of users and storage space, all basic functions and interoperability with external systems will be usable free of charge.

New Features

The 100% web-based application, in which all functions can be conducted on web browsers, will now allow incorporation of Excel and Word documents via the new HTML template function. Also, tables will be available for use in input screens, allowing more detailed revisions and approvals, etc. Other additions include automatic calculation and language-switching functions.

New Free Licensing System

Free licenses for maximum 5 users will be available with the Questetra BPM Suite SaaS Edition, starting June 16. Licenses can be acquired via Questetra’s website, along with regular licenses.

— SaaS 5 (Max 5 users, 100MB storage): Free

— SaaS 20 (Max 20 users, 20GB storage): 200USD/month

Comments from Questetra’s CEO

“Many companies that undertake BPM wish to utilize it in their core workflows, e.g. estimate drafting. The possibilities of optimization in these core workflows, which alter according to various situations, are limitless. I am certain our free licensing system will offer better convenience for many companies.”