Activity analysis check list

In my previous post I expanded the concept of activity dimension analysis. This post is a little detour on my next couple of posts which will only look to ontology management applied to BPM.

Nevertheless considered important taking into account new types of processes such as case management or AD-HOC process.

The Activities are structured tasks that produce a result for a determined entity. The activities are next-to-last level of process representation (the last level is task level that composes activities). Without its comprehension we do not understand how business processes work.

For process knowledge and understanding, structure it, implement it, control it and improvement it, is critic to perform an activities analysis using the dimensions indicated bellow.

Another important aspect is that the analysis approach used. It should be through a combination of process walkthrough, information coming from managers and participants and with static analysis using a process map.

  • Which are the inputs and the outputs of the activity? In what format are found? How the participant knows that were been delivered inputs and supplied outputs?
  • Who performs the activity? It is a person? It is a system? It is a machine?
  • Where the activity is performed?
  • Which is the task sequence necessary for perform the activity? Variants exist? Who performs the task? The participant is qualified for the execution, or gaps exist?
  • Which the necessary data are for proceeding to their execution? Which the origin? Which the format? Where are accessible? Which is data quality level? Errors exist? Which are the records produced? In what format records are produced?
  • Which are the business rules? Are they internal? They are external? The rules are well defined and are understood by the participants? Or each understands rules differently with impact in process performance?
  • Which are the results that are going to be achieved with the execution? The objectives? The execution increases value or can be eliminated/transformed?
  • What risks exist associated to activity execution? The risks impact is able to put business strategy in jeopardy? Damage exists capable to stop company operation?
  • Any KPI used? KPI are understood by the participants and are aligned with personal evaluation system? Distinct sites exist where the execution has different performances? Who performs better and the reason why? Which is the motive because exist discrepancy of performance?

This multidimensional analysis is fundamental for managers responsible for structure and manage business processes can achieve alignment with company objectives and business strategy.


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