Why is CRM already in the clouds, but BPM not quite yet?

Ian Gotts from Nimbus has recently posted an article here on Redux that talks about BPM and Cloud. A good read with a nice and crisp “Definitions” section that explains the term Cloud App in a way that I fully agree with.

For cloud solutions (including all aspects of BPM in the cloud) the sky should be the limit, but in reality there are concerns that I hear over and over again when speaking to companies about a solution like ARISalign:

* Our processes are our competitive differentiator and we want our data about them to be absolutely secure. No cloud solution can offer this kind of security

* We want to own operational control over systems that support our business

It seems to be pretty difficult to even start exploring cloud alternatives when these two items are brought up. I would think that customer data is considered sensitive information as well. Nevertheless many companies are willing to use Salesforce.com and something must have caused this mind-shift towards putting your customer data into the cloud.

What do you think were the main drivers for companies starting to feel that it is “OK” to put their customer data in the cloud?

Looking at the cloud benefits that are typically being discussed (cost reduction, greater flexibility, IT shift from maintenance to innovation, etc.) I am looking for the one piece that contributed mostly to the success of CRM in the cloud. Maybe the same driver will move BPM to the clouds as well?


One response to “Why is CRM already in the clouds, but BPM not quite yet?

  1. Perhaps one of the reasons that Salesforce.com took off with cloud-based customer data was because early on it was viewed primarily as a sales support tool as supposed to a current-customer-support tool.

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