Social BPM – new and improved

I was shouted at by one of our Sales Sector Leads when he heard that Gartner is now writing about Social BPM and Metastorm had launched with a huge fanfare their “cloud-based modelling tool with added social BPM”. His point was “Why aren’t we making a big PR splash about Social BPM and Nimbus Control R8?”

He had a good point. Talking to our PR agency, Metia, they said “Old news is not new news”. But maybe it should be. We have had a cloud based process modelling and management application for the last 5 years. What is now being labelled as Social BPM – the ability for business users to collaborate and improve processes – has been at the core of Nimbus Control since R1.0, over 12 years ago.

But, rather than being disparaging about these announcements and taking the intellectually aloof position of “We’ve had one of these for years”, we should instead be celebrating. At last what Nimbus has been talking about, writing books and articles about and delivering for clients is becoming mainstream. All those years of educating the marketplace is now paying off. In fact, our annual user conference, Inspiring Performance is one of the biggest BPM events in Europe with over 500 delegates – why not come along to IP2010 in September.

But we now need to be raising our profile.  So that as the market accelerate clients realise the power and capabilities of Nimbus Control. Maybe we should be jumping on the Social BPM bandwagon.

Someone once said, “The future is here, it is just unevenly distributed”.  Meaning, that for some people Social BPM is very exciting and new, but for others it has been core part of their culture for process improvement.

So on this occasion our PR agency is wrong.  “Old news IS new news”

So for the record.   Nimbus Control is a cloud-based social BPM platform.  But better than that. It is not[  new, nor is it unproven.  It has already been successfully deployed in enterprise customers for 10,000’s of users in multiple languages – and now can be accessed on iPhone and iPad and a unique desktop player.

So in marketing speak – New and Improved


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