Gene Roddenberry vs. Marc Benioff: Star Trek was there first

Gene Roddenberry should’ve been a Social Media Guru. Or maybe he already was a Social Enterprise maven and was way ahead of his time.

I’ll admit to being a bit of a closet Trekkie, having met a few of the original cast (those that are still alive anyway…) but looking at how the Enterprise works on the inside and Gene’s rather Utopian vision for humanity strikes a chord with how we’re moving forward with Enterprise 2.0 and the “newly” coined term Social Enterprise.

Both concepts are creating more collaboration, an ambient awareness of information all around us to act upon, and far more fluid and dynamic processes at play. Resources are helping one another with a common goal, feeding information and aiding process discovery in real-time. Whilst there are chains of command there are no real barriers caused by traditional hierarchy. Everyone trusts the guy in the centre seat and wants to work at their best level for him (or her) because there’s a bigger reward and adventure ahead.

Right now, if you look at how businesses are run, every department is silo’d, we’re not really running one ship but lots of smaller craft all heading off in different directions with the notion that they are doing the same thing. And the guy in the centre seat is so far removed from the action he really has no clue how the ship operates.

If Social starts to create a unified enterprise where people can communicate and collaborate at will, that dissemination of information is all around and readily available to help decision making, that a person feels like they are contributing to the bigger goal and feels valued for it rather than the small cog-small wage syndrome then perhaps internally people will start to care where this ship sets a course for because they are now being involved in levels previously unheard of.

Collaboration breeds involvement, and that creates a sense of purpose. Silo’s breed disconnectivity which in turn feeds discourse.

Recapture some of your youth and watch a few episodes. To paraphrase Picard in the pilot episode of TNG, “Welcome aboard your Enterprise.


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