Benioff blends CRM, collaboration, social-savvy marketing, app platform, cloud infrastructure, and services

When Benioff was asked during a press conference last week what share of customer IT spending currently claims, he demurred, saying it’s different for every customer “so you have to ask them.” With that, Joe Drouin, CIO at Kelly Services, one of several customers present, sprang to his feet and said it’s all about potential future spending.

“I can’t tell you the exact percentage for Kelly, but it’s modest because I’m still tied up with years and years and years of old-school IT spending,” Drouin said.

Kelly has spent the last three years trying to consolidate legacy spending, meaning fewer servers and software suppliers and more reliance on SaaS apps and cloud-computing infrastructure. It’s to the point now, Drouin said, where the firm’s data center is 60% full where it used to be 100% full. Working with Salesforce “doesn’t take seven zeros or eight zeros,” he said, so it “completely changes the way we approach our investment and where we spend the money.”


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