Gamification – Game on or game over ?

A recent consumer insights report from Recyclebank, Google Analytics and ROI Research looked at exactly how gaming elements have been used to motivate green behaviours both online and offline with the “Green Your Home Challenge”. This was a recent US-led nationwide, month-long challenge rewarding participants for completing a range of easy to more difficult sustainability-related challenges, aiming to drive them toward real behaviour change.

In the “Green Your Home Challenge,” entrants went through a virtual “house,” room by room, to learn about and pledge to make real-world adjustments to live more sustainably. The response was incredible and a huge affirmation of Recyclebank’s approach to motivating a movement. Over a half million people visited the site, and contest participants spent an average of 18 minutes learning about how to live greener lives, and get rewarded for doing so.  Even better, of the participants surveyed, 60 percent of existing Recyclebank members and 67 percent of new members indicated they had moderate to considerable increases in their environmental knowledge as a result of participating in the Challenge.  Additionally, 54 percent of existing members and 58 percent of new members said they are very or extremely likely to take green actions as a result of participating in the Challenge. This indicates games like the Green Your Home Challenge can be effective in encouraging real-world positive behaviour change.

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