BPM is for every man, not just the Big Man


It seems the more we try to create a revolution in BPM the further we get from actually improving the enterprise and realising the goals BPM sets itself out to do. Why ? Well the analysts are hellbent on creating new paradigms as a continual one-up on the next firm so muddy the waters even further rather than push the boundary of thought leadership with something truly groundbreaking.

For example:

Big process is when senior-most business and technology leaders embrace business process change by shifting the organization’s focus from isolated BPM and process improvement projects to a sustainable, enterprise-wide business process transformation program that is then supported and driven by top executives.

Since when did the majority of C Level execs actually understand how their business really operate and enough to grasp transformation on this scale ? Is Big Process really something new here ? Aviva did this in 2009….

Big Data…Big Process….Big Deal I say. We’re now expected to ignore the people who matter most and drive BPM solely from the upper echelons, which to be fair works as a general approach to BPM buy in, but completely ignores the connected and social enterprise which is gaining momentum. Some of these ‘Big’ ideals are a step backward for BPM, still treating the organisation as a set of silos to tear down. Strange then that when removing them we insist on erecting another in the form of a Centre of Excellence.

BPM should be driven by everyone, because everyone participates in the process (least of all the Exec….so really should they have ultimate control ?) If you quote strategic intent as a defence then shame on you because strategy is not just reserved for the Big Man either. I’m a bit bemused that the focus of BPM is moving away from where the rest of the world seems to be going and still planting itself firmly 10 years in the past.

The Emperor’s clothes are becoming a little threadbare now guys.


3 responses to “BPM is for every man, not just the Big Man

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  2. Please don’t confuse the focus of a few analysts with the “focus of BPM” 🙂 There is no one person or firm anointed with the power to define BPM on their own. There are myriad practitioners, vendors, customers, and analysts and some will focus at the C-level (the analysts main customers, no doubt), and some will focus on social, or mobile, or infrastructure, as their capabilities, circumstances, and predilections prescribe.

    It does seem a bit odd to be pitching Big Process right now.

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