Are Casewise about to enter the dating scene ?


Well the M&A machine across BPM rolls on, Kofax got married to Singularity earlier, now it seems Casewise are on the sniff for a partner…..or are they ?

Casewise CEO Alexandre Wentzo posted up a YouTube video today of an interview of himself discussing their 2011 performance and thoughts towards 2012 strategy.

It’s interesting because to me it signals that they’re on the market for acquisition not the other way around, the deliberate style of the video and constant reiteration by the interviewer seems to slant towards a beauty parade, the mention of the Gartner BPA award almost the cherry on the cake for any potential suitor. They stopped short of promoting world peace through process harmony though. Sure, Alexandre rebuffs the comment about would-be enquirers midway through but feels like a come on, hey boys I’ll play hard to get for a while but I’m waiting……

Given that Casewise tools seem to cover all angles of the BPM sphere and that they’re saying that it’s a record time for them it’s hard to imagine an acquisition of a smaller company to improve what they have or lack, like I’ve written recently the BPM industry just isn’t that exciting unless they swallow a Social BPM startup.

Take a look at the video and decide for yourself.


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