Have it your way: the Burger King of BPM

Ok, much has been made of the BYOD (Bring your own device) phenomenon just now and it’s fair to say that the extension of processes across mobile devices internally is affecting BPM at a pace unseen for years. The changing face of interaction with both business to business and also business to customer is accelerating faster than most can keep up. It’s the “consumerisation of IT” say the analysts.

But here’s a thought: what if we allowed customers and people alike to BYOP (Bring your own process) ? The effective consumerisation of process (and everything within it) !

Think about it, we allow BPMS to constantly monitor and tweak processes according to feedback mechanisms which are (mostly) internal, but do we ever truly allow the customer to control just how that process interaction, direction and speed should take place ? Should we ever for that matter ? And if not, why not ?

And what if Big Data and MDM suddenly wandered into the welcoming arms of the customer themselves ? We hold their customer records, but we erect chinese walls preventing them from actually doing anything with it.

What if everybody had a private cloud which were effectively mini master-data-portals that WE accessed. Suddenly control of accurate data would be in the hands of the customer as would the responsibility of maintenance, not with 1, 10, 100 organisations they’re registered with.

And on the flip side, would we allow new Subject Matter Experts that are employed in an organisation to bring with them a set of processes they know work ? Would that cause such a governance issue to embed new processes from the outside without question ? In a BYOP scenario they would be seen as a set of flexible tasks rather than a rigid process to follow, so more inherent to Case design than process design.

Would it lead to business process chaos, is it something we need to fear or welcome ?

After all, we spend every waking moment trying to give the customer what they want, at what point do we really achieve it……

I’ll have mine with extra mayo….


One response to “Have it your way: the Burger King of BPM

  1. Hi,
    Interesting post, I belive the person who define the process do it with the futur owner of the process, mostly managers.
    Managers help define the process with their knowledge of the work designed.
    I don’t think that the user of the process have a better view of the overall process and if it is the case, maybe he should speak to his management to improve it.

    Customers ideas are defenetly to be taken into consideration when architecting the processes but the idea that processes should be implented just like a customer see it, without asking a question is frightening.

    Would it lead to business process chaos, is it something we need to fear or welcome ?
    I vote for fear and chaos 🙂

    What is your opinion about it ? How would you welcome that type of idea in your company ?

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