One more thing: If only industry conferences were like an Apple event

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Watching today’s Apple iPhone 5 event on the live streams across the web and the fever being generated by its fan-base is an infectious thing. You just can’t help being swept away by the passionate showmanship of the presentation, the slick handovers, the way the numbers are presented.

Whilst the iPhone 5 may be Apple’s worst kept secret to date it doesn’t detract from the fact that it will sell by the bucketload despite that all the facts, all the leaked shots have been seen well in advance.

And yet if you turn to your own industry, whether it be CRM, BPM, Telecomm, Data…you can’t help wondering why we can’t do the same.

It’s true we don’t all have the same fanboi fever for our products like Apple does and yet year on year the industry conferences dwindle in number because there is a distinct lack of passionate evangelism shown…

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2 responses to “One more thing: If only industry conferences were like an Apple event

  1. Like the Techcrunch article suggests, it’s all about the turn.

    Whilst the iPhone is in a completely different space and is a consumer commodity the fact remains that business software remains seen as some sort of jurassic lumbering beast despite the agile picture it tries to paint. But that’s our fault because all we produce is 1960s style ‘open university’ YouTube videos, slidedecks with pie charts. Where is the passion behind the product ?

    Do you see Apple releasing marketing for iOS and Mountain Lion like we do ?
    They use Keynote for their presentations because of their belief in their product. They truly evangelise. We just translate evangelism as turn-key marketing and it shows in our conference events. Lacklustre business presentations and carbon-copy case studies.

    Instead of changing we instead try to bolt on ‘gamification’ as something new, again it’s an attempt to look cool, grasping for the latest fad rather than reinvent the way we do it completely.

    We seriously need to motivate our marketing efforts, and unfortunately that means accelerating retirement for a lot of people who are just coasting.

  2. We could do a whole 5 Why’s technique on why Apple’s presentations are leaps and bounds better. I’d like to think there are 2 slightly conflicting points:
    1. They are targetting consumers so it’s typically more easily digestible as opposed to the long spiel on enterprise software.
    2. They have a different work culture.

    I haven’t seen many BPMS software pitches but I dare say they are hard to listen and very corporate style with their breaks after 1 hour.

    They have removed the job notion or they’d like you to believe it and as such it translates to their presenters. Relaxed calm and it’s as though they re talking to a room of 5 instead of 1 billion all around the world.

    One thing I thought was different from when Steve did it was they had a lot of guys coming out at different points. Steve was an enigma and he had people come out as well but he used to do all product demos himself.

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