Tim Cook shows you’re never too big to respond to the little guy

I updated to iOS 6 recently and suddenly became one of the minority whose WiFi has been completely disabled. I wrote about the issues in a previous post where listening is as important as engaging as a social business, and how relevant information can suddenly disappear in a deluge and the real issue ignored.

So I took a leaf from many before me who wrote to Steve Jobs and asked Tim and the Apple engineers not to ignore the bigger problem.

Hi Tim

Please help Apple recognise that there are two issues related with the wifi problems being experienced with iOS 6.

Many have reported that they cannot connect to a wifi spot and appears to have been resolved but this is completely different to users who simply cannot turn on wifi at all. The toggle for wifi is greyed out and unavailable.

I hope you can accelerate a fix or get the engineers to recognise that its not completely resolved.


I didn’t really expect a response but one came via a phonecall from the Apple Exec Relations Team who are basically now handling my tech issue personally. What’s more important is that this will hopefully push the issue to the top of the fix list for a lot of people sitting without WiFi right now

But perhaps the biggest lesson to take away from this is that the CEO of the world’s most valuable company still takes the time to listen to the individual as well as the Walt Mossbergs, and it’s a valuable lesson a lot of companies out there pretending to be a ‘social’ business need to recognise.

And for that Tim, I salute you.

ps: this is the real issue….not the website ping everyone else seemed to cover

Update: many thanks to the Apple Care Team and especially Erika for sorting this out promptly. I’ll be with a replacement 4S by the weekend.


One response to “Tim Cook shows you’re never too big to respond to the little guy

  1. Curious as to whether they came up with a fix or not? A replacement phone is not a fix. There are a lot of people with this same problem.

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