Socially tragic, it’s another free MQ report: Social Software in the workplace

Fill yer boots, man. It’s another free report on Redux.

This Magic Quadrant covers vendors whose software products are used mainly within enterprises, primarily by employees but also by external customers, suppliers and  partners, to support work teams, communities and social networking.

Buyers in this market are looking for persistent virtual environments in which participants can create, organize and share information, as well as find, connect and interact with each other.

Business use of these products varies in its degree of formality and openness — from information sharing and project coordination within a small, homogeneous group, to the sharing of best practices within a business unit, to the encouragement of networking and information exchange between employees across a whole organization or with external participants in other organizations.

In general terms, products that compete in this market help users to:

  • Find out about each other personally or professionally
  • Mine their networks of contacts and acquaintances for advice, references and referrals
  • Form teams, communities or informal groups, and invite external participants from other organizations
  • Work together on the same work objects
  • Discuss and comment on their work
  • Organize work from their perspective
  • Identify relevant work
  • Discover other people with common interests
  • Alert users to information or events that might be relevant to them
  • Learn from others’ expertise

Get the full report here: SocialSoftwareMQ2012

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