You have ten seconds to turn your customers into fans



It’s a well-worn rule of thumb that you have little more than 10 seconds to impress someone with your website. Its design and, more importantly, your content will either draw in and convert someone into a loyal customer or allow them to remain a digital transient. You only have seconds to convince them.

Brick and mortar faces a dilemma of its own, even if it isn’t an extremely short timeframe. They have a limited number of chances to understand the customer’s psychology in visiting a store and what it takes to turn customers into fans.

This sounds harsh but consumers and retailers have become a blur to each other. The demands of real-time online and in-person activity are a significant challenge that many organizations have yet to rise and meet. Nobody wants to invest in a product or service only to feel the relationship ended as soon as the money was exchanged — customers do not want to feel neglected after the point of purchase. Your chance to turn customers into loyal fans is very, very fleeting.

And you really have no excuse.

Read the full article at The TIBCO Blog: Turning Customers Into Fans



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