BYOD and MAM gets a new one-click deployment strategy boost


one click deployment

One of the main issues with a BYOD policy, including device and application management, is the burden on IT to secure and deploy enterprise class apps for workforce use in a true holistic fashion.

Now it seems that Apperian has forged partnerships across it’s API program to take care of these headaches by teaming up with a lengthy list of key players in the enterprise mobility space including Alpha Software, Antenna Software, AnyPresence, Appcelerator, FeedHenry, IBM Worklight, iFactr, Intrepid Pursuits, Kawet, Kony Solutions, Mobiquity, Verivo Software, ViziApps and Xamarin.

The program gives mobile application developers the power to publish apps directly into Apperian’s EASE platform and enterprise app catalogs from partners’ user interfaces – making it easy and fast to publish, inspect, secure and sign new apps and app versions to an entire organization for testing, piloting and full deployment.

For example, Xamarin alone boasts some 15,000 customers. By allowing that client base a one-click deployment capability the speed and security of an enterprise app strategy starts to finally take shape.

It’s much easier for us as an enterprise to quickly adopt and deploy applications by incorporating mobile application management capabilities from the start,” said Alan Wamser, at Hays Medical Center.  “Apps enabled by Apperian are easier to distribute, monitor, and manage – making the entire process of creating great mobile apps better because developers can now engage with users throughout the process.”

Chris Hazelton, a research director at 451 Research said “There are several steps within the mobile app lifecycle, so tight integration between app development and app management tools will speed and simplify deployments for IT and line-of-business managers…The ability to quickly publish custom mobile apps regardless of how or where they are sourced within an organization will drive broad adoption of deployment-ready and enterprise-manageable mobile apps for employees and customers.”

The new partnerships deliver several benefits for any enterprise building mobile apps for the enterprise and those looking into a strategic BYOD policy, including:

  • 1-Click app publishing for testing and rollout: whether for 5 or 50,000 users
  • Seamless integration with an “enterprise app catalog” platform that hundreds of enterprises are already using today and a consumer-like way of reaching users
  • Access to rich mobile app management capabilities that enable enterprises to manage and track app updates, apply security policies, manage testing, and track user feedback
  • Increased exposure for published apps to drive adoption with new users, which provides faster time-to-deployment and higher ROI
  • Integrated app signing that allows organizations to sign or re-sign iOS and Android apps for full enterprise distribution, or update existing apps with new credentials
  • User feedback capabilities that lets users post comments, ideas and report bugs quickly and easily, allowing development teams to manage beta cycles, proof of concepts and full app roll-outs

David Patrick, CEO of Apperian added that by integrating with these technology partners they expect clients to leverage the time and development efficiencies as well as tighter security and management of the apps in the enterprise.

But what is really means is that development teams will start to think end to end about the whole lifecycle and user experience.

And this is how a true BYOD strategy succeeds.


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