TIBCO and SoftwareAG square off in recent CEP acquisitions


The Complex Event Processing and Real-Time space is hot property and now it’s gone off the scale. Both TIBCO and SoftwareAG have announced acquisitions this week:

Earlier this week TIBCO announced that it acquired Streambase, a privately held provider of high performance event processing and real-time analytics software, and today SoftwareAG just announced its acquisition of Apama from Progress Software, their platform for Complex Event Processing (CEP) and CEP-powered solutions.

TIBCO and SoftwareAG are now squaring off in the ring for complex event processing, real-time analytics and now both sport capital market and trading engines for streaming data and low-latency messaging. Put it all together and it’s business process, decisioning, big data analytics and insight in real-time coupled with faster application development capabilities claimed from both.

The winner in this battle though will be who integrates these platforms the best into the existing technology stacks they have. We all know that when IBM buys something it just slaps on a Websphere sticker over the cracks, for TIBCO and SoftwareAG to beat each other they’ll have to avoid the simple labelling trick.

Time will tell whether these two will both go the distance in a fight or whether we’ll see a TKO and only one victor.

Seconds away, Round 1…..


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